Hello, I am a 31 s/f living in the Southern Appalachians (Virginia). I'm trying to plan a dark, Victorian-themed dinner party for Walpurgisnacht (April 28th). I'd love some soundtrack suggestions actually. I'll probably make a roast and a trifle. I definitely want to serve rack punch. I have to blame Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain for putting the idea in my head.

I'll probably have a time making a 1980's condo "darq", but I do have a huge red hurricane and some brass candlesticks. The makings of a good centerpiece I think.

I'm also having the worst time filling out the guest list. I just want to have 8 or nine people over, so it's nothing huge. I also need an extrovert, a "sparkling wit" who will help smooth things socially. This is actually harder to come by than you'd think. I thought I found my "wit", but I soon figured that he'd probably do a lot more to aggravate a meltdown than to help prevent one. The search goes on...

So far I've read Virginia Woolf's Orlando. Now I'm reading Michael Faber's The Crimson Petal and the White, a story about prostitute named Sugar in the 1880's.

Trans Slovenia Express (xposted from personal journal...)

Trans Slovenia Express. Does anyone know if that is indeed Laibach? I also picked up a "muppet theme" labeled as Laibach. I'm often wary of mislabelling though. ie: what I once thought was lowfish was in fact FPU for example. Anyhow, TSE is quite dark. :D (not exactly like Trans Europe Express of Kraftwerk notoriety). Oh, and can anyone tell me if they have much experience with a real Trans Slovenia Express?

BTW, it is slow and percussive/loud with voices. Perhaps not the most melodic. FYI.

What Darque means....

A simple google pulled up some relevancy....
( (notice motor city goths link)

It's almost a bit implicit or immediately "understood". I can't say how I picked this word up but it's almost always in a "play on spelling" sense. Play on spellings are not uncommon. They are often seen in malls on signs or can connote "hoodishness" as well.

What this community is for...

Introducing yourselves (to include a locale and what gender you prefer to be known by (or if you rather be unknown, state that). The point being to be explicit in case you would like to meet others and want to have a minimum of what to expect. (ie: you go to meet someone who says that are a bodacious 30 yo female vixen in Tuscaloosa but find out it's a 13 year old version of the numa numa boy or something)


Sharing poetry/darque literature.

Posting pictures or icons.

Discussing things that might be more of a darquer nature than the general community would tolerate. ie: details into last nights experiments with decapitated chickens in your last reading / practicing of a goetic operation from an occult grimoire etc....(or why animal cruelty is just not really the true way etc etc.) .... (and debates of that nature).

Pouring out your soul for all to hear. Your aches and pains that are not as angsty as say a rant but a more moany type of thing. :P

Talk like a pirate day...

Basically most anything goes. This is an open community. As long as there are no huge personal attacks or OT flames. (things best left to televised debates etc...)